Note: Game is in development and all details are subject to change
RougeBlox is a turn-based card game. That means that players don't pick their attacks simultaneously, but one by one. After you finished, our opponent will conduct their attack. The goal is to eliminate all your opponents through the strategic use of your deck - which you build up as you advance in the game.
After every one of your turns, you will have time to adjust your strategy and foresee your opponent's next steps. Over time, you will grow your card decks as you go along, which will give you increased flexibility to react to ever-different enemies.
At each level, you will encounter different enemies that you will have to beat with your cards. Depending on how strong the enemies are, rewards earned vary. There are also cards that will heal your Blox after having been hit.
Ultimately, your goal is always to deplete the opponents energy reserves faster than your own are going to an end.
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