Token Utility


  • Governance - voting rights are attached to the OBX token.
    • Use of community treasury including staking rewards
    • Proposal for developing new products, etc
    • New features for the product including marketplace, gameplay, artwork, etc.
  • Breeding - required as a fee to breed new Blox. The breeding fee will go to the community treasury.
  • Staking to get benefits (applied to all the games)
    • Players play the game (using BLOX, or the free version);
    • If players have staked $OBX and get Game Buffs, their game character will have better stats and will earn better/more rewards for doing well.
    • Players with staked $OBX have the right to receive the rewards (in the normal way for staking) which are paid in $OBX. Part of the staking rewards will come from the community treasury.

$RUX (for RunBlox)

  • Energy Recharge (Repair)
  • Leveling up NFT
  • MINT fee
  • NFT enhancement

$RGL (for RogueBlox)

  • In-game : consumed for extra battle experience
  • outside the game:
    • Purchase of some unique NFTs (asset in the game) will require $RGL
    • It will need a certain percentage of $RGL for breeding. $RGL will be burned after breeding.


  • NFTs can breed and have offspring based on the smart contract
  • People who don't hold BLOX NFTs can still play the game, but they play a 'lite' version with fewer rewards/benefits.
  • People who have bought (or bred) BLOX are able to play the full version.
  • Only Genesis BLOX (7,998) entitle their holders to share the part of breeding fee. It is a feature of each unique Genesis Blox. The newly generated non-Genesis Blox does not have such a feature.
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