OpenBloxDAO is a community of members dedicated to building a sustainable future together.

Web3 presents a new world: a cyberspace that is not only composed of members but also governed by them. Now is the time to reshape the way we organize ourselves in this digital age.

We must seize this opportunity because traditional network organizations cannot adapt to changes in the market. They inherit the economic rules established for the physical world. However, in a network composed of information, information flows freely. This means that information is more critical to the growth of cyberspace, and people create and compose this information. Advanced markets cannot support this growth, leading to an imbalance created by the inability to reward creators for providing information.

OpenBloxDAO is a new digital democratic governance model designed to drive the rapid and sustained growth of the decentralized ecosystem. It is a group of community members united through a mutually beneficial contract, adhering to the concept of contribution = return. This principle guides OpenBloxDAO and inspires the creation of a more productive and empathetic organization. Positive impacts on the DAO should be rewarded to individuals in return for their contributions.

OpenBloxDAO's various platform games are based on projects, and the profits generated by these projects drive DAO's economic growth. This profit growth and increased investment in the DAO will reward active members of the DAO, forming a virtuous circle.

We expect the DAO to expand as it grows, extending beyond the digital realm and into the physical world. Together, we will create the future of coordinated and collaborative cyberspace.

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