The Genesis

The Genesis Blox are born with exclusive features:

  • Limited amount: 7,998 Genesis Blox (6 classes), 1,333 for each class.

  • A total of 7,998 families: every Genesis Blox is 100% pureblood and belongs to its own unique family

  • 'Hold & Grow to Earn': GENESIS Blox holders will always and exclusively gain a stable revenue from the breeding system. Their offspring and family growth will help them get a share of up to 20% of the breeding fee.

  • Genesis Blox's offspring and family growth will increase the chance for them to win an extra breeding fee.

A total of 16% will go to the Genesis Mint Holder Vault. This part will be shared equally by all 7,998 Genesis holders. The 80% of the breeding fee will be paid to the Community Treasury, which will be governed by users and players.

However, Genesis holders are encouraged to breed and build their own families, because this will increase their chances to share the remaining 4% of the total breeding fee. Notably, for the Genesis Blox, the more offspring they have, the bigger chance they get to win extra breeding fees. Details are as follows:

Every Blox is a unique ERC-721, equipped with a 256-bit code (consisting of 16 pieces of 16-bit). Blox's blood and family are determined by the 256-bit code in their NFT smart contracts. Every Genesis Blox is pureblood because each one has a unique set of 256 bits with 16 pieces of the same 16-bit. While their offspring will be given a mixed 256-bit code that is picked from their two parents randomly and respectively.

To go into even more details, the first 8 pieces of 16-bit code will be picked from one parent, while the remaining 8 pieces are from another parent. Meanwhile, a random bit code will be chosen from each pick as to decide which Genesis Blox will gain the breeding fees. The chosen bit code will ensure its Genesis Blox win the extra breeding fees, which will be 2% or 4%.

Note: 1.3% Blox will be pre-minted for marketing and operations.

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