Green Layer

Imagine walking in an oasis constituted by extravagant flowers, grasslands, and enormous trees, a place where green is the overtone of the celestial blue when you look up to the sky, would you be lost in this gorgeous paradise of nature? Welcome to the green layer. And while you are drowning in admiration towards its beauty, be wary that the green layer might not be as peaceful as it looks.

Extravagance is an understatement when it comes to summarization of the green layer. The types of vegetation here exceed the knowledge of any botanist. Through years and years of evolution and adaptation to the environment of the green layer, the plants here are almost like they have developed consciousness when organizing their appearances, like they are purposely picking unique aesthetics for themselves. The colorfulness of the plants is beyond imagination. When you look at certain types of flowers in the green layer, your cognitive thinking might even fail to correctly recognize them as ‘flowers’. So, under those beautiful roses, it is the thorn which you should be cautious of. Because when you touch them by accident, be ready to say bye-bye to your meager life.

It is very important to not let the tranquility of the green layer fool you. This layer is also under constant turf wars over its two inhabitants – the flowers and the insects. The two races have been going through rivalries since their existence. They were born to be natural enemies, mostly because the necessities for sustaining the lives and increasing the prowess of both races come from the same source of the vegetation of the green layer. Under the impact of the constant wars between the two races, parts of the green layer have started to deteriorate due to the over-extraction of resources and the devastation caused by aggravated warfare.

The flower race, different from the plant with the same name, can be more deceiving than roses with concealed thorns. Under their cute and glamorous appearances, their combat abilities allow them to firmly stand their ground even against seemingly stronger enemies. They excel at the usage of ‘spells’ – a special power that grants them offensive and defensive capabilities. They toy with their enemies, dancing around them while slowly consuming and grinding down their lives. A truly terrifying opponent on the battlefield, if you ask me. Many have underestimated the flowers; few have survived to warn the rest.

In order to match with the flowers, the insect race has certainly developed its way of counterattack – the utilization of speed. While they do not have the support of ‘spells’, their sharp senses for anticipating danger and dazzling display of velocity puts them in the upper hand of any battle. Jeez, when the high-speed buzzing sounds echo in the atmosphere, it truly makes you nauseous. Many times, their enemies fall without taking a single hit because of dizziness. So, if you unluckily encounter a turf war between the flowers and the insects, close your eyes, cover your ears and run in the opposite direction to avoid collateral damage.

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