Blox and OpenBlox

What is OpenBlox?
OpenBlox is the world where Blox start their adventure. OpenBlox is also a holistic ecosystem that fosters NFT gaming with interesting intellectual property (IP). OpenBlox aims to produce a series of games covering different modes: TCG, ARPG, FTG, RPG, SIM.
What is a Blox?
A Blox is a collectible NFT ERC-721 token. In the OpenBlox world, a Blox is created as the fundamental character for a series of games. Each Blox is programmatically generated and provably unique. No two Blox will be the same.
What is an NFT?
An NFT is a ‘non fungible token,’ a unique digital asset, that can be verified on the blockchain.
What are the Genesis Blox ?
The Genesis Blox are the first generation of Blox in the Bloxverse.
How many Blox will there be?
Only 7,998 Genesis Blox. But their offspring Blox are unlimited.
Is this there only ever one Genesis Blox Drop?
7,998 Genesis Blox will drop for several times from 2021 to 2022. The first round was in the middle of October, and the second mint took place on March 12th, 2022.
What did Blox cost at Genesis?
In the first round, each Genesis Blox costs 0.3 ETH to mint.
During our 2nd round of sales, Blox sold for 0.45 ETH.
What happens if I couldn't buy during the mint or wasn't fast enough?
Although the number of Genesis Blox is limited, you can still buy once they and their offspring start to be traded in the market. You can buy it on OpenSea. You can also buy it on our own marketplace.
All Blox have the same gaming function. The Non-Genesis Blox might be cheaper. So make sure you join our community to get more updated information and to help build your Blox family up.
Does Blox have utility?
Blox will not be just an avatar for your social media. It is one of the characters for a series of games on OpenBlox. You can also breed and trade your Blox
Does the rarity matter?
Every Blox is unique, not just because of their metadata but also in the way they look. That said, some Blox are rarer than others when it comes to their skill and abilities. The rarer the Blox you have, the more rewards you may get.
How are their traits provably randomly generated?
A recent Ethereum mainnet blockhash will be used as a seed to generate random numbers. The blockhash is generated by all transactions in that block. It is public to everyone and cannot be controlled by anyone. Each block has a unique hash which is unpredictable.
How are they provably randomly distributed?
The blockhash is generated by all the transactions in the block and each transaction can only be accepted once in the Ethereum blockchain. Each block has a unique hash and is unpredictable.


What type of game will the first one be using Blox?
Our first game using Blox will be Rogue-like PVE.
When can I access the game?
We aim to launch our closed Beta and public version in Q1-2 2022 if everything goes well. The Genesis Holders will have priority access.
How do you develop the game?
As gamers ourselves, our quality standards are very high. We currently have two versions of the same game. We've been conducting a variety of experiments in "version A" to test several game mechanics, features and gameplay...etc...It's super buggy and not maintainable but it's a way for us to test and validate some original ideas. Version "B" is the stable version that has a clean code base with more interesting rogue-like gameplay for PVE system, and will be eventually released to the public.
Why has the launch of the game been postponed?
We are aware that delay creates some frustration and friction but we believe that it is "better to be late than to disappoint the OpenBlox community. The rogue-like gameplay needs more time to be polished. We need to upgrade and design extra game cards, which has doubled the time required.
The Three Layers of the OpenBlox world are water, fire and green. Does this also relate to the features of the avatars?
Every Blox will have their specific looks and skills based on their race/layers.
For the OpenBlox world, since you are not allowed to travel between each layer, how do the users interact with different layers?
In the new world, Blox can travel across different layers and even breed with other races.
Interestingly, the adventure mode depends on where the team is located on the adventure map. For example, your team can be mixed with dragon and flower classes, while travelling to the water layer for special Bosses and rewards.
When users mint their Blox, do they have an option to select layers?
Breeding is random. You might get a mixed class based on your parents' class. You might also be lucky to get the same classes of Blox as their parents. This all depends on our genetic system. Details can be found in the Genetic section in the whitepaper. (


Do you have any plans for a token?
Yes, we have plans to release two types of tokens. One is for the OpenBlox platform. One is a unique token for each game to be released on the platform.
Why don't you release the token in the beginning?
Before releasing the token plan, we have to run a closed beta game to test the parametric in detail, hopefully in H1 2022. This is to ensure both of our players and Genesis holders can benefit from our sustainable token economic and gaming system.
How do I play & earn with my Blox?
All Blox holders can access the game and play to earn. In our first Blox game, you can form a team and begin adventures in all the games on OpenBlox. You will be rewarded with tokens and other resources by defeating the enemies. More details will be released for you to explore after the game launches.
Is there any chance for other people to join the play&earn program if they can not afford a Genesis Blox?
Yes, Genesis' offspring will be cheaper. We will also launch a Family system that will allow the public to borrow others' Blox to join the adventures. More details will be released in the community.
What will be the motivation to make users breed their Blox?
For a premier gaming experience, you will need NFT to play. You will have a chance to breed rare Blox with strong attributes which can be sold at a high price.
For a Genesis Holder, your offspring and your family will help you to get an extra reward, which will be up to 4% of the total breeding fee.
In the future, we will launch more games, and Blox NFT are the key to enter the games.
How does breeding work?
Breeding requires the following:
  • Migrating the Blox from Ethereum to Arbitrum (for those to be conducted on our marketplace)
  • Owning at least 2 bloxes of your own (you won't be able to do collab breeding with someone else)


Where can I buy and sell Bloxes minted on March 12th 2022?
You will be able to buy and sell Bloxes directly on our own Marketplace
Where do I find the OpenBlox marketplace?
The URL for the marketplace is:
What features does the marketplace have?
  • Listing of Bloxes enables owners to buy and sell them.
  • Migration from Etherum to Arbitrum
  • The breeding function (April)
  • Rental function (May)
Will I be able to sell Bloxes on Ethereum on the OpenBlox marketplace?
No, since our marketplace runs on Arbitrum, you won't be able to do that. You can of course buy and sell any Bloxes on Opensea that you still have on Opensea.

Vision and others

What is OpenBlox built on?
OpenBlox is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and will migrate to Arbitrum L2 solution to reduce the gas fees.
How can I check my Genesis Blox?
We will release our marketplace. You will be able to connect your wallet to check your NFT. You can also use OpenSea or other wallets to check your NFT.
Can I trade my OpenBlox NFTs on OpenSea?
Yes, once the GENESIS NFTs are released you are free to trade on OpenSea. But, we will have our own marketplace, which has a cheaper commission fee.
Does Blox just want to be next Axie Infinity?
Axie Infinity has done a great job in creating a unique 'play to earn' mode thanks to Blockchain technology. As the first series of OpenBlox games, RogueBlox has learnt a lot from Axie's successful experience. But what the OpenBlox team envisions is to integrate Blockchain Gaming and IP (Intellectual Property). This will allow the players to enjoy the game whilst benefiting from owning their own assets with big IPs.
We plan to attract more players from the traditional gaming industry and grow the whole space.
Who is OpenBlox partnering with?
Selected VC
  • Shima Capital
  • 3Commas Capital
  • Digital Strategies
  • Jump Crypto
  • 100 & 100 Venture Capital
  • Kyros Ventures
  • Ancient8
  • Kapital DAO
  • Real Deal Guild
  • Crypto Seers
  • Rebirth Meta Guild
And there are more BIG names in the pipeline!