Game Mode
Note: Game is in development and all details are subject to change
The primary game mode for OpenBlox Players is PVE. In the PVE adventure mode, the enemy monsters have specific attributes and skills. An energy system applies, where one energy bar is consumed for each gameplay round. Every 24 hours, the whole energy level of 20 bars will be recovered. Players will not be able to gain rewards after the energy runs out.
In the OpenBlox World, the game characters: Blox (NFT) are not only the gamers' own digital assets but also their partners in earning proceeds during their game adventure. It is crucial to adequately utilise NFT characters to build gameplay teams. Gamers need to utilise their NFT characters' attributes and battle skills to start and win in combat.
Gamers will receive rewards after winning. All monsters also have unique attributes and skills that players will have to defeat using strategic thinking and careful deck-building.
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