2021 Q3

Initial idea and concept
Game character (NFT) creation
Community Growth

2021 Q4

Reveal of 6 Blox races
Genesis Mint, 1st round NFT sale

2022 Q1

RogueBlox trailer video
Genesis Mint, 2st round NFT sale
NFT Marketplace OnlineL2 Migration to Arbitrum

2022 Q2

NFT Transfer Active in OB Marketplace
Fundraising Completed
RunBlox App Demo & Beta launch
RunBlox App Public launch (Avalanche ecosystem)
Sneaker Minting active in the Marketplace (RunBlox)

2022 Q3

Token Launch
Rental and Scholarship System (AFKDAO, etc)
RogueBlox Closed Beta Campaign
Breeding System active in the Marketplace(RogueBlox)
RogueBlox Public Launch

2022 Q4

RogueBlox Upgrade
New features added to RogueBlox
LandBlox & ActionBlox (Game Scenes)
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