The OpenBlox world
The world of OpenBlox consists of multiple layers spiralling upwards, connected but completely isolated, both upwards and downwards. Each layer is composed of its own unique environment. For a long time, the BloxVerse was a quiet place where Blox lived on their own layers.
None of the Blox had ever left its own layer, each just knew the layer they were on and believed it to be the entire world. One day, suddenly, almost at the same time, an unknown enemy appeared on each layer. With the arrival of the enemy, a rift surfaced between the layers.
This rift for the first time established a connection between the different layers and threw off the equilibrium that had been keeping the BloxVerse in balance for centuries.
The Layer of Water is a world wrapped in water, where the Sharks and Hardshell live, mostly in peace except for a few small conflicts between individual Blox. The other layers are less quiet.
The Technos living on the Fire Layer disturbed the ancient Dragons' deep sleep while they were mining to maintain their fire energy. And the Flowers and Insects on the Green Layer are in a continuing war over the green resources.
With the appearance of the Rift, the entire Bloxverse changed. A transformation begins. The inhabitants of each layer also began to try to enter other layers. The inhabitants were shocked when they first stepped into the world of the other layers of the ancient legends, and their perceptions were turned upside down when they saw how different the other layers were. Little did they know that they themselves began to look different. How to survive among the layers under the new world, and what is the purpose of the unknown race/enemy.

Three Layers

Water Layer:

The oceans in the water layer are the Shark race's habitat. Sharks are excellent swimmers and like to provoke enemies to attack them. With their strong physique, and impressive teeth few will dare to attack them, and even fewer can seriously hurt sharks. Sharks like to stay to themselves, securing their hunting territory which at times leads to conflicts between them over prey.
The Hardshell Race lives in the same layer but Blox in this race prefers to reside on the sandy ground of the water world. Their tough shells keep them safe from attacks. If a shark or other creature attacks them, a Hardshell Blox won't hesitate to use their shell as a weapon to defend their lives.

Fire Layer:

The fire layer is characterized by streams of lava flowing across the lands. Temperatures are too high for most Blox to survive. But it's just the right environment for the Techno Race which thrives in high temperatures.
Blox in this race use high-end weapons that have been forgotten by earlier explorers to drill deep into the rocks, and excavate ceaselessly to find new energy sources.
A legendary tale foresees that once Technos can accumulate energy sources, they will become a supreme power. A few technos can sacrifice their own lives in return for more powerful force.
The only other Blox surviving in the hot fire layer are Dragons. They spend most of their time sleeping deep in their cages and only venture out very rarely to hunt for food. As long as they are left alone, they won't harm Technos.
However, they easily lose their temper when someone disturbs their sleep. Their tremendous power could destroy everything around them when they are enraged - including their own habitat.

Green Layer:

The green layer is buzzing from the activities of the insects that are flying around in the lush green of the green layer.
They are at war with the Flower race. Both races rely on plants to develop their power which has led to a war between them that has decreased resources in the layer significantly.
Flowers have a magical power that can recover themselves and others, and in order to reach the same goal, Flowers are also willing to accept and help outsiders. On the other hand, due to the war, Insects are more guarded/vigilant towards any race, they prefer to use the ability to consume enemies' energy gradually to win the battle.
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